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Tiddy Widdy Beach

Tiddy Widdy Beach is a small town on the eastern coastline of Yorke Peninsula, just to the north of Ardrossan.

The township is ideal for families with children or groups with beaches suitable for swimming, snorkelling and crabbing.

It is only a short drive to Ardrossan which has shopping facilities including large supermarket, butcher, bakery, hardware store, chemist and more. Ardrossan also has boat launching facilities and a fishing jetty.

Explore the walking trail to Ardrossan, which is 3 kilometres long and has many access points. The trail is wheelchair friendly, and is an easy walk.

The quirky town name of Tiddy Widdy comes from a well located north of the town along the coast; this well was known to the local indigenous people as "Tiddy Widdy Ned".

Tiddy Widdy Beach is located approximately 2 hours drive from Adelaide.

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