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Environmental Policy

Country Getaways recognises that collaborative partnerships and cooperation is required in order to achieve its environmental goals. Country Getaways work with our staff, clients and suppliers to build a culture that is environmentally aware and active; and are committee to minimising the impact on the environment.

Country Getaways undertakes to fulfill its Environmental Policy in a number of ways. A policy of zero waste, sustainable purchasing, reuse and recycling is undertaken throughout the office through the use of recycled paper for printing and printer & toner cartridges are recycled. Waste paper is reused for notepaper; then shredded and disposed of in the recycle bin.

The selection of office equipment, including computers, multi-function printers and kitchen appliances are considered based upon a number of factors including energy rating and consumption. Computers and monitors are turned off at the end of every day.

Reservation and financial software is used internally within the office. The production of financial statements, booking documentation and reports is done electronically, which reduces printing and wastage. The use of email for standard correspondence including newsletters and booking enquiries also reduces the carbon footprint.

All Country Getaways email signatures include a request to the recipient to consider the environment and minimise paper & energy wastage.

Homeowners are encouraged to supply environmentally-friendly and green cleaning products and supplies within their property.

By implementing environmental procedures Country Getaways aims to reduce its overall carbon footprint, increase operational efficiencies and boost staff commitment to a cleaner, greener and more socially responsible way of doing business.


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