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The township of Warooka is located on southern Yorke Peninsula, in the area known as the 'Peesey'.

Warooka was established in 1876, and the town name has many possible interpretations with the most likely that it is an Aboriginal word 'wiruka' which dates back to early 1847 meaning 'muddy waterhole'.

With an amazing beach and crystal clear waters, the beautiful Flaherty's Beach is located just 6km from Warooka.

Just outside of Warooka on the Marion Bay road is Lower Yorkes Seafood where local seafood can be purchased.

Southern Yorke Peninsula is ideal for holiday makers who wish to experience life in the region with short drives to the ocean.

Warooka has a hotel, supermarket, hardware store, takeaway, cafe and gallery. There are more facilities at Yorketown, which is only a 20 minute drive away.

Warooka is located approximately 3 hours drive from Adelaide.

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