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Owner Portal

Introducing the Country Getaways Owner Portal

Owners are now able to log in through an RMS Owner Portal to enter their owner or maintenance blockouts, see calendar availability and view past statements.

If needing a clean arranged, please put this in the notes section and tick the ‘clean required’ box when making your booking. Please put any other notes or communications for Country Getaways in this section.

Log into the Country Getaways Owner Portal

To make an owner booking using the owner portal:

  • Use the Chrome browser on desktop (the portal does not work on mobile phone, but it can be used on tablet in desktop mode)
  • For instructions on how to use your tablet or phone in desktop mode, please follow the below links based on your device:
  • If you do not have the Chrome browser installed on your tablet or desktop computer, please follow these instructions
  • Go to
  • Log in with the above credentials (password is case sensitive - refer your email from Country Getaways)
  • Click availability on the left hand side
  • You will see a calendar view of your property
  • Double click with your left mouse button on the date you want to make the booking for, then click Add Reservation
  • Add your details in the fields, change the number of nights
  • Write a message in the notes field if required – let us know if maintenance or just an owner booking
  • Tick the ‘clean required’ box if we need to arrange a clean


Email a copy of your wishlist

Let us know which email address to send it to.